Sight seeing – La Basilique du Sacré-Couer de Montmarte

(look Nic – spelled correctly this time…)

Sunday morning decided to go and see Sacre-Couer, as it was one of the places I hadn’t been before and fairly close by… just a brief Metro ride away.

Something I didn’t realize was that they had some French daredevil do some record breaking rollerblade jump there last night.. 54m apparently… which meant there was scaffolding etc. holding the jump getting in the way when trying to take photos. Oh well – next time – but still picturesque I reckon !!!

Playing with Miniature Mode on the camera again…

… and this one is in Toy Camera mode.

Just pretend the scaffolding, tarps etc. aren’t there…

If this was Venice I’d be worried !!!

At least it’s not soul-less, modern plastic cars everywhere !!! Looked to be in pretty good shape too…

Words to live by… the Dave version at least !!!

This is from the menu of a place called Jack Astor’s in Toronto, where I took a break and had lunch while sight seeing.

Cenosillicaphobia… I suspect I may be a sufferer.


btw – what’s with a non-alcoholic Becks ???