No flying in the rain ?

I’ve seen this a couple of times in China now, but still can’t figure it out why… but they just don’t let planes take off in the rain. Period.

This caused absolute mayhem getting out of Shanghai, with every flight out having long delays.

In my case we were 2 hours late boarding the plane, and then we sat in the plane for another 2 hours before being allowed to take off. The rain wasn’t even all that heavy !!!

Things got worse tho – because of the 4 hr delay, the flight crew would’ve gone over their flying time limit, so rather than going direct to Vancouver the plane instead went to Anchorage, Alaska to take on a new flight crew. So another hour and a half on the ground waiting for the crew, refuelling etc.

All that meant over 7 hrs late arriving into Vancouver.

But wait – there’s more – Toronto airport closes down after midnight (noise?)… so more time sitting in the airport in Vancouver waiting for a connection.

So looks like my Sunday in Toronto will be spent sleeping rather than sight-seeing…

One week in Shanghai

It’s now Saturday morning after a pretty busy week… the first 3 days doing intro product training to a heap of new engineers, and the last 2 days some more advanced stuff with more experienced guys. Things went well I think – everyone seemed happy with what they’d learnt, and all ready there is talk of “on your next trip”.

Not much sight seeing – it’s been raining basically all week, all day in the office and then at night out to dinner with the group… but still a few interesting photo’s anyway.

On the back of the toilet stall door… some sort of monthly newsletter, the name ‘Toilet Culture’ I thought was pretty amusing.

The group out at dinner one nite.

Shopping centers are massive… this one has 9 floors of escalator’s !!!

Dancing Tofu… the standing up parts are all moving like they’re alive, caused by the heat radiating out from the main block. I don’t normally like Tofu too much, but this stuff tasted amazing.

Chilli frog Tasted good, but with lots of bone/gristle it was hard work to eat.

The best Custard Egg Tart I’ve ever tasted… and it came from KFC !!!

Toys R Us… ’nuff said

Hand held, automatic Nerf gun… could come in handy around the office…

One for Sam… Dora the Explorer(no Diego tho)

Dave’s World Tour 2011 – the China Leg

Well, I’m off travelling for work again… this time on what have started calling “Dave’s World Tour 2011”.

The reason for this is pretty simple really… 1 week in China (Shanghai), followed by 1 week in Canada (Toronto), then 1 week in Grenoble (France) finishing up with a couple of days in Paris on the way home. So a lots of work, lots of flying in between and hopefully a bit of sight-seeing thrown in.

Today was my first day in Shanghai… it’s nice being somewhere warmer than Brisbane has been lately, but did it have to be overcast and rainy ?!?! I was determined not to let that stop me, so after a bit of a recover sleep-in (9:00 am is about the most I can ever manage) and brekki, I headed out to see the big shopping district of Nanjing Road.

My hire car waiting for me out front of the Hotel…. I wish !!!

Scooter repair shop… seems they get a lot of business

Safety first obviously !!! Gloves – tick. Eye protection – ummm….

Is there a legal load limit for a push bike ??? And yes, he is in the process of loading more onto it…

Creative architecture… never seen anyone extend a phone booth before.

The old way, and the new way

One for Rachie…seems they like their Macca’s soft-serve cone’s here too !!!

Shanghai subway… the train service seems to work very well… 18 RMB for a day-pass (less than $3 AUD). I really liked how the trains are basically just a big open space inside, and so can carry A LOT of people.

And best of all, they have AWESOME phone service inside… why can’t we seem to get that right in Australia ???

Nanjing Road, one of the biggest and busiest shopping streets in the world apparently. I don’t know what all the fuss is about to be honest, but my Mandarin of “bu yao” which means “don’t want” definitely improved… SOOOOO many people wanting to sell me a bag, or a watch, or a massage, or…

One for Mick… which helicopter would you like ???

… or maybe I can test a slot car for you ??? 😉

And an example of bizarreness from my favorite car brand… I mean who the hell thought a Porsche Hybrid SUV is a good idea ??? Porsche’s are meant to be SPORTS cars dammit !!! There’s also a nice sort of irony that it’s connected to an external power source/battery charger…