Saint Laurent (Nice) – Arrivee

Guess what… another work trip overseas… woohoo !!!

I’ve actually had 2 more trips to China since my last post – 2 weeks in Oct 2011 and 3 weeks in March 2012, but The Great Firewall was blocking access to WordPress so no blogging sorry.

Anyway – back to Saint Laurent, Nice, France… this will be a real quick trip this time. Arrive Wednesday, deliver some internal training Thu and Fri then fly back to Brissie Sunday arvo. Still… it’s France !!!

Flight in was VERY long, and for a change I went Emirates through Dubai rather than Singapore Airlines through Singapore. Dubai airport is over-the-top impressive… more like an upmarketing shopping mall than an airport, but very packed and after a 14.5 hour flight on top of a normal day in Brissie and almost zero sleep… I was over it as far as photo taking went.

Now in my hotel in Saint Laurent after another 8 hours in a plane, and yeah – Cote d’Azure seems pretty cool. It’s 5:30 pm local time – done my brief e-mail catchup and since there’s still plenty of daylight I’m off to check out the beach… after all it’s only about 100 meters from my hotel room !!!


My hotel room – complete with little French style balcony…

… that has a pretty Nice view !!! (excuse the pun)


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