France during the Summer… Grenoble Edition

So I’m now in France, and yup – it’s definitely summer… if I was to say there are lots of pretty girls around would be an understatement !!!

I arrived in Paris early Sunday morning, then due to some issues with trains ended up taking the TGV to Lyon and then a local train service out to the city of Grenoble where the company has a big presence.

Something I didn’t realize is that Grenoble is right in the midst of the Alps… in a bit of a valley surrounded on all sides by some pretty impressive looking mountains. It’s quite an old town, with a 17th century fort (the Bastille) on the hill overlooking both it and the river flowing through.

Incidentally the river is fed by the snow melt and glacier nearby… and is pretty fast moving.

So far my time here has been a bit of wandering around on Sunday afternoon, as well as each evening after work. It gets dark quite late, so Monday evening was a walk through the old town (followed by dinner in one of the brasseries in Plac Grenette), and Tuesday evening took the cable car up to the Bastille. The lifestyle here seems very laid back and outdoors’y… plenty of locals out enjoying the weather !!!

Experimenting with settings on the camera… kinda like the retro feel.

Plenty of outdoor dining… to enjoy the weather and the greenery.

View from my hotel room window… pretty impressive huh ?

Gare de Grenoble, with the company’s downtown office behind.

View from le Bastille… 745m above the valley floor.

The start of sunset

Exploring the Batterie et Grottes du le Bastille

Workmates Piotr and Pascal and our One Metre Beer. Although they’re Stella Artois glasses, the beer is actually Leffe… and it was cheaper to buy this way rather than beers each… honestly !!!

A little while later…

… and later still with Piotr starting to look a little seedy. No comment as to how much of the meter I drank !!!

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