Weird Canadian rule #2
You can only check bags in for a flight 4 hours before it leaves… but if you have to wait (say) 5 or 6 hours for a connecting flight, they’ll let you check them… why is that ??? I didn’t want to lug everything with me through downtown Toronto – luckily there’s a “Luggage Store” in Toronto airport that not only sells luggage, but will store it for you short term also.

Weird Canadian rule #1 (that I’d forgotten to blog about earlier)
Flying Air Canada, when the plane is coming into land they stop you from using ipod’s etc. because it supposedly interferes with things. They leave the entertainment system on, but while announcing that they’re leaving it on they literally say “for your safety only earbud type headset plugged into the inflight entertainment system may be used”. For my safety ??? If the plan crashes… using a non-earbud type headset, or one that’s NOT plugged into the entertainment system I don’t think will really be up there as things that could hurt me…

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