The Coffee War !!!

My mate Canadian Mike told me about this one before, but I never really beleived him… until now.

Everyone’s heard of Starbucks, the big American coffee chain. Well, in Canada they’ve got a similar company called Tim Horton’s, and the two companies have been going at it for quite a while trying to do each other over. The American newcomer trying to defeat the local brand if you like.

Canadian Mike said that in some places on one block there’d be a Tim Horton’s, then the next block there’d be a Starbucks, then a Tim Horton’s, then a Starbucks and so-on… and sometimes you’d get one of each in the same block.

Well, near the hotel here in Mississauga it’s even more over the top than that… on a single intersection (so 4 corners) there’s 3 coffee stores diagonally opposite each other… a Tim Horton’s, a Starbucks and a Tim Horton’s Express. Pretty insane huh ???

And the verdict from a touring Aussie ???

Well so far I’m leaning towards the Tim Horton’s… their breakfast food of bagels, wraps etc. seems to suit me pretty well.

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