Funny Signs & Advertising, Kunming Airport Edition

So, a few weird things I noticed on the way back from Anning to Shanghai via Kunming Airport.

Happy welcome The English translation on the sign is very strict “IMPORTANT NOTICE FROM POLICE : According to relevant laws and regulations of People’s Republic of China, anyone who checks in should register the required information with valid and authentic certificates respectively.” Fair enough, but just a bit out of character with the friendly “Happy welcome to Kunming” message immediately afterwards !!!

Aiming carefully is an important issue obviously, tho this sign has an extra amusing aspect to it in that the Chinese version of the sign literally says “Take a small step forward, and civilization improves a great step”.

Chinese Lego copies So we all now about the Chinese thing of copying everything, and obviously that includes Lego kits. The interesting part I thought was the designs… an attack helicopter with ‘PEACE’ on it’s nose, and a rocket launching truck with ‘JUSTICE’ on the doors… I soooooo want the 3rd kit in the series to be an aircraft carrier named ‘THE AMERICAN WAY’ !!!

Although I’m sure my 4 yo nephew would’ve loved both of these, I didn’t get them as I don’t know his mother would have agreed… 😉

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