Miscellaneous Stuff

I probably should explain the rush of posts… I’m in the hotel in Shanghai, basically just killing a bit of time.

I had hoped to get to the Shanghai Auto Show before flying out… mainly to see the 2012 VW Beetle that they debuted there… but after arriving in at 1:30 AM and the resulting sleep-in plus Mr Wang coming to pick me up at 13:30 I’m unfortunately just out of time.

Anyway, onto the miscellany…

Chairman Mao Cultural Revolution Placemat. Picked this up for my friend Nicole… the best thing about it is they’ve modified the slogan from the original poster… it literally says “You finally have the cool guy’s certificate !”

Saw this car near the hotel in Anning. At first glance I thought it was just a Volkswagen Polo, but then realized it was a scaled down Chinese copy of a Polo… and that they’d missed copying one of the front wheels !!!

Note For the observant among you, yes that is an actual Volkswagen Tiguan in the background… Volkswagen’s are very popular in China, everything from Lupo’s, Polo’s, Sagita’s, Santana’s and Mk1/2 Jetta’s making up 70% of the taxi fleet, right through to the very latest Passat. There’s even a hybrid Toaureg that’s pretty common to see on the streets !!!

The restaurant district in ‘Anning Big Town’ We went to a seafood restaurant here… normally I subscribe to the “no seafood when more than 100 miles from the coast”, but the China guys assured me this place was great (and it was).

Private room 666 that we’d been given didn’t instill confidence, but apparently in Chinese culture ‘6’ means ‘smooth’… so this room was ‘smooth smooth smooth’.

And a very special dish… a very rarely seen serving of ‘Chicken-fish’. I assured everyone that I felt very honoured to be eating such an unusual dish. There was also ‘Goose-fish’ and ‘Beef-fish’ served, but they’re apparently more common than the ‘Chicken-fish’.

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