Funny Signs & Advertising

Just a few things I’ve noticed around the place, either with a funny translation or just plain weird.

1. High Grade Condom. This is in the “mini bar” in my hotel room at Kun Steel. Not that I’m in need of condoms right now, but when I am I normally prefer to buy the low grade, crappy quality ones instead. The other two round things in front are compressed towels… the instructions on the back show pictures of soaking them in water before using to make them expand. Excellent… who wouldn’t want to buy a tiny, soaking wet towel when there’s two large dry ones already supplied by the hotel ???

2. FIREEXTINGUISHERCUPBOARO. OK a pretty simple mistake to make, but it’s properly printed on a very common piece of equipment that you see everywhere !!!

3. Slippery Floor. For this one, the sign itself is completely sensible and correct… the funny thing is that it’s directly above the toilet in the bathroom. C’mon… my aim isn’t that bad !!!

4. Limpid liquor and the feeling of happy-go-lucky. What the ??? This was an advertisement for the hotel bar in the elevator in Shanghai… no matter how many times I read it, I still have no idea what it means… and I’m normally pretty good when it comes to beer ads !!!