Qibao (‘Seven Treasures’ or Old Shanghai)

Sunday morning, Greg and his driver Mr Wang (pronounced Wung) picked me up from the hotel, and we headed out to Qibao (Chee-boww).

Qibao is an old part of Shanghai that has somehow dodged change since the 1800’s, and so is one of the last places left that shows what Shanghai used to be like… two story buildings crammed along narrow streets, canals everywhere for transport and just complete bedlam.

Shop wise there was everything from jewellery to shoes to small local food places… somewhere you can really soak in the sights, sounds and smells. I of course loved it !!!

Food on sticks, including baby duck…

… and more food on sticks… no idea what most of it is…

… and some that’s NOT on sticks !!!

Has anyone seen my scooter ??? It’s a dusty bluish gray one…

Who needs a ute… it’s TOTALLY fine to carry two LPG cylinders on a scooter !!!

Mmmmm…. dumplings….