X-Terra at a Race Trac, Corvettes and home to Brissie

OK, I’m home all nice and safe now, but figured I should update about the last little part of the trip.
Saturday was a sort of do-nothing fill-in day, waiting for my 17:30 flight out of Atlanta.
So, I decided to just take a bit of a drive around Alpharetta…. strangely I ended up taking the X-Terra to a Race Trac !!!
Not quite what you might think – Race Trac is just a brand of Gas (Petrol) Station they have in the US… complete with checkered flag signage, the whole deal. The X-Terra needed a bit of a drink after the amount of driving I’d done, so what better place ???
I also stumbled across the local Chevy dealership, which just happened to be having a Corvette Club day. Now, I’m not a big Corvette guy – I prefer my GM’s to handle as well as go, like the Aussie version of the GTO (Monaro) does – but even so Corvette’s are kinda cool. Serious money being spent on the cars on show too – who said the US was in a recession ???
Afterwards was the series of airports, security checks and long flights to get me back to sunny Brisbane… where it was raining as I landed.
Oh well – it’s still nice to be home.