Thrashers over Sabres, 3 2

My trip’s kinda coming to an end now – Gregg headed back home to North Carolina on Tuesday, Juli’s back to Missouri on Thursday and then I’m back to Brisbane on Saturday. Still a few opportunities to do some cool stuff though, so Wednesday night one of the engineer’s from the office Bryan took Juli and I to a hockey game (or ice hockey as we’d call it).
The fun started off with an experience at buying from scalpers… apparently almost no-one buys their tickets normally here, and scalping is actually legal providing you pay less than face value on the tickets. Still considered a bit dodgy though, and although there was a ton of local cops around watching no-one said a word. It worked well for us since we ended got 4 tickets together and only paid $30 a piece for $78 tickets – can’t complain about that !!!
The game itself was a blast – the rink is in the bottom of the CNN tower, so is a pretty fancy sort of place. Nice bars, plenty of food places, and VERY steep seating so guaranteed a good view (though we did have pretty good seats). Bryan is from Buffalo so is a big Sabres fan, but his girlfriend is a big Atlanta Thrashers fan… made for an interesting time with them alternately boo’ing, cheering and generally abusing each other.
Totally enjoyed it – hockey is a game I think I could be a big fan of… well if we played it in Australia that is… it varies between physical, brutal and technical very quickly, and there’s a heap of stuff they do to keep the crowd entertained during breaks.

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