Atlanta, March 2009

Atlanta… it’s cold in March !!!

I haven’t updated my blog in over a year… no good reason – just a combination of laziness and that I hadn’t travelled anywhere much !!!

Anyway, that’s changed for the moment since I’m in Atlanta again for work. Just a short 2 week trip, but have still gotten to do a bit of sight-seeing. I’m here conducting some training and workshops for two people from one of our large customers, and since we’re all staying in the hotel it’s been a it of a group thing with Juli, Gregg and myself travelling around together.

Saturday (22/3) was the Atlanta Aquariaum and the RMS Titanic exhibit… sure I’d seen both before, but they were interesting enough to go again. Particularly since it was cold and rainy most outdoors things were ruled out. After those it was a short trip over to the Fernbank Science Center to see an exhibit about SpaceShip One… the Bert Rutan / Richard Branson low orbit passenger vehicle. Unfortunately this turned out to be a bit more exciting (and shorter) than planned, as a roof leak caused an electrical fire and led to the place being evacuated not long after we arrived !!!

Sunday (23/3) was even colder (like less than 10 deg C), but since the rain had cleared we ventured outside to Stone Mountain, which is about the biggest tourist attraction in Atlanta. Stone Mountain is a VERY large piece of granite… the part that’s exposed is 800 odd feet tall and about 5 miles around it’s base, which is only 1 percent of the rock itself. Probably the coolest thing about it is the relief carving of the Confederate leaders on one of the faces… sort of the South’s equivalent to Mount Rushmore if you like. The carvings are MASSIVE – about 9 stories tall, and in places sticking as much as 45 out from the rock.

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