Tighe Cams Round 6

2nd December was the final hillclimb for the year at Mt Cotton, so there was a larger than normal field of cars running – up around 100 cars I think. This made the pit area pretty crowded, and with some of the drivers not having run on the track before there was also more incidents than usual – including an old 1964 EH Holden rolling it just after the finish line. Driver fine except for a bruised ego, but the car was a bit of a mess and needs more than a few new panels (including the roof).
Thankfully Jezebel ran like a charm for each of the 4 runs I had, getting progressively quicker from first 56.75s run on a cold wet track to a new personal best of 53.78. Just to be sure I followed it up with a 53.82 to prove that I’m definitely into the 53’s now. I of course am totally stoked – that time got me 2nd in class for the round as well as 2nd in class for the series.
Completing the round without incident was a pretty big milestone for Jezebel – she’s now completed a full season’s racing without any real incidents or breakages, and times at Mt Cotton have improved by over 8 seconds. Still 4 seconds back from Jeff’s Datto up in first place, but with Jezebel’s off-season development program about to start – including an upgrade  Porsche 944 Turbo brakes all round – I should be able to get a bit closer to him.
Next season’s target, get into the 50’s…

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