Jezebel at the Australian Hillclimb Championships

Well, the delay this time is due to me being on holidays and away from the computer, rather than sheer slackness. Honest !!!
2-4 November the MG Car Club hosted the Australian Hillclimb Championships at Mt Cotton, which only comes to Queensland once every 7 years. Of course Jezebel and I just had to run, despite needing to make some not-so-small mods to qualify for the Improved Production category (my normal Road Registered category isn’t always run at National level rounds).
By not-so-small, we’re talking:
  • Standard steel mudguards on the back, which meant clearance problems compared to my normal 2" wider fiberglass ones
  • 15" rims instead of the normal 16", with accompanying new but smaller race tyres (2" shorter in diameter)
  • Putting the front bumper on, with required cutting into the older model front guards to mount the brackets (also added a go-fast spoiler 🙂
  • Finally suspension adjustments to get Jezzi back up over the 100mm min ride height (adding in stiffer rear bars while I was at it)
The weird thing about all of this was that Jezzi was already 100% legal for road-rego, and altho the changes are a bit iffy for road-rego they would only make me faster on the track !!! Oh well – it was worth it for 3 days of racing, and they definitely made Jezzi faster….
First run on the Friday was a 56.14 which was only 0.5 seconds of my personal best. On the second run I got my time down to 55.2 – a new personal best – but the last run gave me a bit of a scare when managed to suck part of the wiring harness into the cooling fan – absolutely TERRIBLE noise that I’d at first thought was a busted transmission or a seized generator. Cue visions of being out of competition on day 1, or pulling an all-nighter fixing things, to luckily be replaced by about 10 minutes of dragging wiring out of the cooling fan and 2 replacement bolts on the fan mount.
Saturday things back on track (literally) with times just getting into the 54’s, and by the end of Sunday I’d lowered my personal best down to 54.56, almost exactly 1 second improvement over previous round. Even better I’d logged at least 4 runs in the 54’s. Totally stoked with the result – even though I finished last in class up against some serious competition, things are definitely heating up now with both Jezzi’s and my "development"…
Big thanks to Dad who drove up from Sydney to help put the finishing touches on Jezzi and get her ready to race, with both he and another competitor Jeff providing moral/calming support when dealing with the fan issue. A whole heap of stress over nothing… luckily.
On-car video is at, and will hopefully get some photo’s up soon.

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