Jezebel tries Drag Racing

Yes – the slack’ness continues in how long it takes me to post updates…
29-30 September Jezebel and I had our first taste of drag racing with VW Warwick 2007 organized by VW Magazine Australia (
  • 1/8th mile drag strip with competition timing gear on it.
  • 65-70 cars competing, all VW or VW powered
  • 200+ drivers and crew camping at the track Saturday night, swapping tall stories etc.
This was my first ever go at straight line racing, and although I don’t think it’ll ever draw me away from hillclimb it was still a ton of fun, made just that bit better with two of my mates Pete and Sonia coming along as my Pit Crew (read as moral support/cheer squad/grandstand photographers).
Jezebel and I weren’t all that quick, but we ran as many times as we were allowed – 14 passes total I think across the two days, with a fastest of 11.121 @ 64mph. With some more tuning and driver confidence there’s another 2 seconds to gain in there, but still very happy since had no breakages or any real problems to speak of. Jezebel also got a lot of approving comments for a "roundy-roundy racer" and more than a few photos taken of her from amongst the spectators… after all she does look the business with race numbers and masked headlights !!!
Unfortunately I forgot to set up the video for Saturday practice when the car running beside me retired with an engine fire, but I did get a good run on Sunday which gives a pretty good idea of what it’s like… just unfortunate that I got beaten by about a car length !!!