Jezebel Racing

OK, I know I’ve been a bit slack lately updating the blog…  work and other things have just gotten in the way a bit.
Anyhow, recent events that Jezebel and I have run in:
28 July – Queensland Challenge
This was a mini-Targa styled event, with all different types of stages including a short course sprint on Queensland Raceway, Motorkhana, Slalom on the Willowbank Dragstrip, Autocross, Navigation Rally and a Hillclimb next to Wivenhoe Dam. Competed in it with a mate of mine Mick as Navigator – we didn’t do all that well (placed 2nd last after going over our late time) but had a ton of fun anyway. Jezzi ran perfectly all day – despite pretty warm weather – and the only real damage a broken sway bar links due to grounding out (hard) at one point on the Autocross circuit and a ton of stone chips in the paint. Hey – stone chips are a badge of honor that PROVE the car get’s driven !!! 🙂
Unfortunately didn’t get any decent footage at this one – was still running the bullet cam from battery pack, and both sets of batteries died right at the critical time.
5 August – Tighe Cams Round 4
The usual deal at Mt Cotton. Times very similar to previous round – 56.48 best run, but consistency definitely improving with all runs down in the 56’s (bar the initial go-slow sight-in run of course). Now consistently about 0.5 seconds behind Nev in the Cortina… just need to keep the consistency and up the pace slightly. Camera now wired into Jezzi’s main power and safely mounted on the roof, hopefully so footage reliable from now on.
23 September – Tighe Cams Round 5
Mt Cotton again – a lot more cars than normal due to being part of the Ironman Series, which has Night Nav Run, Sprint, Motorkhana and finally Hillclimb stages spread across the weekend. Due to being jet-lagged from only just arriving back from a business trip to the US,  I only competed in the Night Nav Run and Hillclimb stages. Lack of time meant Jezebel hadn’t had the normal tune-up I give her before an event, so I wasn’t expecting a whole lot – just to have fun really. Some of my mates turning out meant I had a few spectators to impress though, so I was totally stoked when I put down a 55.53 second run- an improvement of 0.9 seconds over my previous best !!!
This put me ahead of Nev in the Cortina by about 0.3 seconds on each run, but instead of jumping up into 2nd place now find myself battling with Mark in his 2 liter Escort who’d picked up 3 seconds following some work on his engine – I guess I’m not the only one trying to get faster !!! Mark’s about 0.7 seconds in front of me, and admitted he was pretty much on the limit… so much so that he skipped the last run worried he might push too hard and have an off !!!
I still have some minor mods planned for Jezzi that’ll give a bit of an improvement in times I think, so Mark… game on… 😉
btw – my 55.53 second run is up on YouTube also –  Can you tell I was happy ???