Queensland Hillclimb Championships

Over the weekend was the Queensland Hillclimb Championships, held at Mt Cotton and the culmination of all my Log Booking efforts.
Jezebel and I had a blast, with two solid days of tearing up and down the hill – 12 runs in total. Especially since this was the first time that Jezzi has had company there, with two other VW bugs that had come up from NSW to compete (with each one double entered so 4 other VW drivers).
Saturday was timed-practice, and managed to improve my best time slightly and get down to 56.43seconds. The VW’s were drastically faster than me – down in the 48s – and although they entered in a different class the specs of all the cars are pretty close, so it’s obvious that Jezebel has a lot of potential. All the other drivers have been hillclimbing for 3+ years, and this was only Jezebel and my 3rd ever event !!!
Sunday was competition, but since Nev broke his car late Saturday afternoon (the main guy I swap times with) it became a test session for me since I was guaranteed a second placing no matter what I did. The other VW drivers are doing quite a few things different than me, so I tried some of their driving tactics as well as making some minor suspension tweaks and so on. Initially this sent my times back about 4 seconds, but I managed to gain most of it back and log a 57.28 fastest for the day. There’s another few seconds if I can get my head around holding gears longer and braking a bit later. What can I say – I’m still being gentle on the girl. The other bugs got their times down lower still, now just tipping into the 47s
Other highlights were seeing the battle amongst the fast cars – the open wheelers running down in the 37s including a Gould that is basically a Maclaren F1 car. The fastest ever time for the track was beaten I think 4 times during the day – seriously quick.
All up a brilliant weekend. Literally doubled the number of times I’ve run on the track, improved my best time while posting 5 runs in total that were in the 56s, gained a whole heap of things to try AND I scored my first motorsport trophy – Queensland Hillclimb Championship, 2nd place Road Registered 1601-2000cc.