Jezebel gets a Log Book

Just a short update to say that on Thursday I got Jezebel issued with her Log Book, so she’s now fully certified as Group 3C RCO (Rally Car Other).
A Log Book is the final level of inspection for a race car, so although she was already fully road legal and registered, this last step means she’s been inspected and OK’d by a racing scrutineer and fully complianced and registered for on-track Motorsport use in Australia. Getting log booked as 3C means I can do either tarmac or gravel rallies as well as on-road and on-track events – it’s basically the most flexible in terms of what Jezzi and I can do.
Why now ??? Well although I’d always planned on getting a log book, I needed it done sooner rather than later  so I can compete in the Queensland Hillclimb Championship that’s on in the first weekend in June (the racing regulations here say that only log booked cars are allowed in State level events and above). Although I’m not really expecting to be all that competitve, I figured that I just couldn’t miss out on 2 days of running at Mt Cotton
So, the last little hurdle out of the way and Jezzi is proudly showing two CAMS compliance stickers on her doors. Now I’m basically all set for my next go at the hill – although there’s nothing I HAVE to do on her, hopefully the stiffer front springs I’ve ordered will arrive soon so I have time to get them in…

Jezebel gets faster !!!

Sunday was Round 2 of the Tighe Cams series – at Mt Cotton again – and I had an absolutely excellent day.
Although we’d had a bit of rain over night, the day fined up pretty quickly so only the first run was on a damp track.  I’m REALLY happy with the progress I’ve made with Jezebel since her last outing, improving by over 5 seconds to post times of 60.79, 59.18, 56.78, 57.00 and 57.26.  That had me running 3rd in my class with a gap of about 2 seconds over 4th position, and only 1 second gap to get me up to 2nd place !!!
I’m still not driving anywhere near the limits of the car – suffered from a slight brake pressure problem all day which hurt my confidence and I reckon cost me a second or so each run. Also can see a few other areas to work on in my driving, and some minor suspension tweaks and so on I think will give me another couple of seconds.
Was very cool that Mum and Dad made the trip up from Gosford again to act as pit crew, caterers and trackside video, and also had other parts of the family and a bunch of my friends come out to watch me run.  Hopefully they didn’t find the process too boring – I really appreciated having everyone there.
Thanks too to Sonia who took a few shots of Jezebel doing her thing, and I’m going to try and get some of the video up that Mum took.
As before, there’s also some pro-photographer shots at the link below: