Tighe Cams Hillclimb Series, Rnd 1

OK, a very delayed update, but I’ve been busy with work as well as a few little jobs on the car.
Sunday 11/3 was the first round of the Tighe Cams Hillclimb Series, and so Jezebel the Hillclimb Bug had her first competitive outing. I was completely stoked with how things went – didn’t break anything on the car, and am definitely starting to make some progress on both getting the car solid AND on re-learning how to drive a bug.
Had four runs for the day with subtle little tweaks to the engine in between. The first run was really just remember where the track went, for a shocking time of 71.08, but subsequent runs I got pregressively more serious posting times of 64.7, 62.47 and a 61.96. That had me running last in my class by about half a second or so, but considering I still didn’t put the engine over 4500 rpm (it’ll go to 7000 when run in) and a few other little driver confidence things I reckon there’s an easy 5 or so seconds to be gained. Still a slight niggling fuel pressure issue towards the end of the run, which I’ve hopefully now fixed by re-designing the fuel return line.
 A BIG thanks to Mum and Dad who made the trip up to watch me run, as well as to provide some moral support (read as pit crew, catering, start line photography and off-track video).
One of the pro photographers there got some nice pics of my car too, which I’m at some point going to purchase some copies of.

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