Mt Cotton “Come and Try”

Sunday the MG Car Club ran a "Come and Try" day for their hillclimb circuit at Mt Cotton, to try and get people into Hillclimb as well as maybe some new members for their club.
Pretty big deal for me, as it was both the first time I’d driven in a hillclimb AND the first event that the bug had competed in.
Brand new race car and a brand new driver, so of course not everything went smoothly:
 – car refused to start once I’d unloaded it from the trailer (broken the main ignition points which I’d never seen happen before)
 – missed the normal scrutineering window since I was busy trying to bypass the broken points and get it running (with some much appreciated help from within the MG club)
 – smoke from the engine bay after my first run (due to some oil that had been spilt on the heatwrap on the headers)
 – front tyres rubbing under braking (combination of front suspension set too low and having a second person in the car)
 – running out of fuel right at the end of a run, and not clearing the circuit (stoopid dufus me forgetting to refill from the jerry after unloading
 – best time of 72 seconds (unofficial), which is about 20 seconds off the pace the car should be capable of (not bad I think for a beginner driver in an unproven car with an engine yet to be run-in)
All in all tho it was a brilliant day – I had a huge amount of fun, had no breakages or damage to the car and even managed to not look bad or stuff anyone else around. Now just to get the roadworthy certificate and registration done, and I can start on developing some pace…
P.S. 21/2 I’ve just gotten roused on by Dad for him not getting a mention in this blog – he’d driven up from Sydney to help me get the final touches done on the car, get it engineered etc. as well as to act as pit crew/moral support for my first event. Thanks Dad – you were a huge help all round – I’ve even almost forgiven over the "Gee mate, I think you want bumpers on it." comment !!!